Thursday, December 19, 2013

Aladin - Knowledge in Your Hand

Aladin Your Instant Cup of Knowledge

Aladin is concept from real life, as when I travel to remote areas and could not get information due to no Internet connectivity OR poor connectivity of GPRS.

In our childhood we have been listening “aladin” fairy tales, in which he is sort of special JIN that can do things magically faster, rapidly and fulfill any of your wish.
So, in today’s information age, we need “information” and Internet has make it so easy and possible no problem. But let’s suppose when you don’t have internet, you will definitely carrying your mobile phone with you, which is capable of SMS, a low cost messaging platform.
Aladin, serve you over SMS by listing your queries, questions and problems.

It has its sophisticated backend to answer questions asked by users.
Have you ever faced situation you need information from Internet, but can’t get due to no connectivity while holding your mobile phone in hand. What are you waiting for, Send your queries as SMS to Aladin, and get the information such as google search, Wikipedia, mobile prices, dictionary, weather info, currency rates, IMEI verification and prayer times.

Aladin platform remove the bearer for getting knowledge from Internet and providing all necessary services via its sophisticated backend number of apis. User just send a SMS from any network from Pakistan and will get free response in form of SMS. 


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