Thursday, March 31, 2011

Best Preparation Centres of IELTS in Lahore

Recently, while applying to foreign university in United Kingdom, I was asked to first complete IELTS with minimum of 6.5 Band. So, I did the research about good IELTS Preparation Centres in Lahore and decide to share these information to all those who want to do the same thing. If you find any other good IELTS Preparation Center, please publish it by posting the comment. You can also share you IELTS experience in comments.


Address: Lahore, Ala-ud-Din Road, Lahore, Pakistan
Phone: +92 6681292

Map: Kipling Centre

Address: BETS Language Centre 24-M, Model Town,(Main Boulevard, Faisal Town), Lahore.
Landmark: Burger Hotel,Caltex Petrol Pump,Sajjad Motors
Phone: +92-42-35179553, 35179554


  1. Just wondering if some one really need training/preparation for IELTS? I mean, I have given the IELTS and my experience is that if your english is GOOD, it's good. These training centers can't teach you anything! If they can give you something, that may be tips but internet is full of tips on this subject, you just have to know how to google!

    I was wondering if you can tell me what you learn in these academies which claim that they help you to score SEVEN?

    1. The best academy for IELTS preparation is PACANS.
      PACANS has taught more than 5 million people for free and it offering the IELTS course for only Rs 2500.
      Please call 0300-4094094 for more information

    2. FET SYSTEM is also very good. Go to youtube and search for free video lectures of fet system. FET SYSTEM has the NOC of IELTS to produce free IELTS material. It has students in 150 countries

  2. How did you forget PACANS they are providing IELTS tuition in Rs. 2000 and the teacher is Canada Qualified

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  4. Hey guys I want 7+ Band can you please guide me which Institution can provide good guidelines.

    I did tried AEO they just waste your money and nothing else. I suggest do not go there.

    1. Recommend to -->
      I suggest you to go and attend their IETLS Free workshop, check their advance labs and specially teachers.

      Note : They are located in Karachi, in AishaBawany Collegiate, Main Shahrah-e-faisal.

  5. Nice to know some of the good institute mentioneD in the above posts.......Does anybody got any idea about BETS & PACANS..........

    My cousin recently had a very bad experience at one of the institute "CAS in Shadman", knows nothing about the IELTS teaching method, apparent managent looks very qualified, apparently very organized institute but practically just making money and wasting students precious time. Specially unsuitable for the girls due to the teachers tools of Harrasement and ........ Due to getting bad name in that moved somewhere in Gulberg.......So they Guys and girlz...if anybody got a refernce to join CAS......My advice would be a big NO......

    If anybody can recommend me the best institute who have good tools of teaching IELTS..please do post..Thanks

  6. BETS Address is :

    British Education & Training Systems
    6-A New Muslim Town
    (Facing Canal)
    Lahore, Pakistan
    phone +92 (042) 3588 3281/2
    fax +92 (042) 3588 3280

    1. PACANS- Canada Qualified
      1st Floor Capri Center Firdaus Market Gulberg 3
      29 Sultan Town Main Raiwind road Lahore
      Lahore, Pakistan

  7. hi guyz i want to do ielts..can somebody plz tell me which is the best institute for ielts in lahore..if u know plz post..

  8. hy guys i want to do ielts..plz suggest me which z d best insituate for ielts in lahore........

  9. PACANS is offering the IELTS course for Rs 2500 and you can get the entire course for free on its website. You can call 0300-4094094. Most of the students at PACANS are getting between Band 6 and 8.

  10. pacans is waste of time and money

    1. You seriously need a life. PACANS is charging less than others and it is teaching 15,000 students everyday for free! I think you are an employee of one of the greedy academies which have been devastated after the launch of PACANS. Please think before you speak. The teacher is Canada Qualified and he got 97% in Canada. PACANS is the best

  11. Hi.. guys i want to do ielts,,can somebody plz tell me which is the best institute for this..

  12. which is best,,, bets or seb's???

    1. I will recommend PACANS. My sister completed her course from PACANS and she got 7.5

  13. Recknors is offering the IELTS course for Rs 8000 and you can get the free assessment & free IELTS Kit. Recknors Open Branch In Lahore Its Karachi Base firm Having 1800 clients across the world.

    Most of the students at Recknors are getting between 6 and 9 band.

    Dont waste your money & precious Time....

    Plz visit there Office:

    Plaza no.6,3rd Floor Commercial Area Cavalry Ground Lahore Cantt
    042-36610260 , 0345-3076375

  14. i failed to understand why did no one mention '''AEO'''!

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  16. guys dont chose , skill glow, laique lodhi is cheater, he is one of stupid man in earth, he just know one thing, that is how to steal money from students.

    so plz be aware from skill glow , ielts lahore, and laique lodhi , coz all are 1

    1. Dear Faisal,
      i would like to request kindly deleted the abovementioned comment by me from this site.

      i also want to say Sorry to Mr. Laique please sir forgive me for this big mistkae.

  17. Thanks it was just another motivation to devote some more of time and effort to my startup! Regards.i really like admire your information sharing.
    IELTS Training in Bangalore

  18. Hi guyz..
    my name is Hafiz Ehtasham.. i did read all the above comments n replys blaa BLAA blaaa...
    If u really intrested and serious about IELTS, just try to do it yourself.... by just doing nothing just n only watch english movies,songs,dramas e.t.c.
    i've recently passd my IELTS exam with 8 band (7.5 listining) (8 writing) (7.5 reading) (8 speaking)..... overall band 8.
    all i just wanted to tell u guyz jst do not waste ur money here n there.
    INSHALLAH god will bless u n always will be :D

    1. @Ehtasham

      Can you share your way of preparation and any helping material if you can?

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  27. I work with many 'highly skilled' migrants. Doctors in fact. And I can assure you that the requirement for an English language test is entirely necessary. I think you'll find you have to sit the IELTS test if applying to work in the UK or US as well.

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